Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi everyone,
This week has been pretty crazy. We have a home recording studio in our house, and between a slew of new clients coming in an out, training the hotdog (who is napping on my lap as I type this), and putting in extra hours at work, I've been a bit sleep deprived. I've been donating as much time as I can to working on my paper, as the first draft I submitted was definitely not even close to something I was happy with. For some reason it was really getting the best of me, but I think I'm finally getting it close. I'm really going to be racing against the clock on this one. In other news, it does look quite probable that we'll be relocating to L.A. in the fall. I can really use the change of scenery. Love Chicago, but I'm ready for a fresh perspective. Hope you all have had a great week.

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